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Project 55 Alumni

Project 55 Fellowship Alumni are the roots of the Project 55 program. As an alum, sharing your experience and connections with Project 55 Fellows gives the next generation of social change leaders the relationships and knowledge they will need to be successful as professionals and as changemakers.

Support our Newest Cohort

by making a one-time or recurring donation!

Over 70% of our support comes from individual donors, and this giving ensures that both our program participants and partners feel fully supported by us while they are part of our program and beyond. Donations to Princeton AlumniCorps not only strengthen the robust quality of our leadership training and resources but also make our programming more accessible to both participants and partners. We accept gifts in a variety of forms, including online credit card payment on our Donation Page. If you have questions about giving to AlumniCorps, please contact our Development Manager, Brielle Blackshear, with any questions.

by connecting us to nonprofit organizations interested in hosting a Fellow!

Do you know of nonprofits, government agencies, hospitals, or other agencies engaged in social change who could benefit from a Project 55 Fellow? Our partner organizations are often sourced from alumni connections and have let us offer a wide range of positions to Fellows seeking meaningful opportunities to work towards social change. We love hearing about the work potential partner organizations in your network are doing. Feel free to share the Project 55 Partner Organization page with organizations in your network, and reach out to our Program Manager, Tim Schmidt to start a conversation.

by serving as a Project 55 Mentor!

Mentors are an essential part of the Project 55 Fellowship program. As a mentor, you are joining a community of over three decades of mentors. Mentorship may be one year on paper, but your relationship to your Fellow and connection to our AlumniCorps network can last a lifetime. Ready to sign up to become a Project 55 Mentor? Please contact Laissa Gibson with questions or for more information.

by being a one-time guest speaker!

Are you interested in connecting with current applicants or Fellows? One of the unique aspects of Princeton AlumniCorps’ recruitment of applicants and engagement of Fellows is in the intergenerational connections fostered through our network. Project 55 Fellowship alumni have connected with newer generations of changemakers in a variety of ways. You can connect by being a one-time guest speaker at an information session, professional development webinar, or career track retreat session!

  1. Attend an information session in the Fall and share about their Project 55 experience with current applicants. Information Sessions are typically one hour.
  2. Join a Project 55 webinar as a guest speaker/facilitator on a specific topic. Webinars are typically 75 minutes.
  3. Participate in the Project 55 Fellowship retreat by sharing expertise and career guidance during a career track session. These sessions are typically 45 min to 1 hour.

Please contact Laissa Gibson, Program Coordinator, with questions or for more information about how to get involved.

by Serving as a Volunteer on an Area Committee

There are a variety of roles that range in terms of volunteer bandwidth, resources, and experience. Many Project 55 Fellows use their Fellowship year as an opportunity to explore new areas of the country. Project 55 Area Committee Volunteers play an important role as ambassadors, connecting Project 55 Fellows with events and resources to help them build and find community in their new city.

Princeton Alumnicorps places Project 55 Fellows in the following metro areas: Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., NJ area, and New York City. Past Area Committee Volunteers have served in the following roles:

  1. Area Committee Chair/Co-chair: Lead area committee, Work with Princeton AlumniCorps to develop local programming for Fellows

  2. Mentor Coordinator: Help recruit mentors in their geographic area, Match and introduce mentors and Fellows

  3. Seminar Coordinator: Help organize educational opportunities that will support Fellows in their commitment to social change

  4. Partner and Resource Coordinator: Help Princeton AlumniCorps recruit partner organizations

  5. Social Event Coordinator: Help organize social events

Please contact Laissa Gibson with questions or for more information.

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