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Project 55 Partners

The Project 55 Fellowship provides nonprofit organizations, government entities, and other public service organizations with extraordinary Princeton undergraduate students and recent alumni committed to your mission and to delivering meaningful high-impact work. Fellows bring creativity, skills, and energy to their roles. The Project 55 Fellowship is highly competitive amongst Princeton graduates with 10% of Princeton’s graduating class applying each year.


Become a Partner Organization

Over the last 25 years, more than 500 public interest and nonprofit organizations have partnered with the Project 55 Fellowship Program. In the 2021-22 Fellowship year, we had a total of 41 organizations representing 70 total positions apply to host a Fellow. We are always looking for new partner organizations!

Recruitment Process
Application Process
Application Timeline
Partner Organization Commitment
Partner Expectations

Application Checklist

The Project 55 Partner Fellowship Application is open. Successful applications include specific projects and responsibilities and clearly articulate the contributions a Project 55 Fellow can make to your organization. Applicants are eager to see what they will learn from working with your organization and how they can grow professionally and personally in your role.

The first application deadline for the 2022-2023 cycle is November 4, 2022.

The second round deadline is January 1, 2023.

  1. Review the partner expectations above

  2. Fill out our online application

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  3. One on One Phone or Video call with the Program Manager to discuss your application and confirm partner organizations’ capacity to meet partnership requirements.