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AlumniCorps’s Statements of Solidarity

Keystone Society Members

Members of the Keystone Society have committed to ensuring the stability and long-term health of Princeton AlumniCorps through a planned gift. The Keystone Society is our way of saying thank you for remembering AlumniCorps in your estate plans. Please let us know in writing when you have included AlumniCorps in your will or as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy. That’s all we need to welcome you as a member of the Keystone Society. Unless otherwise designated by you, Keystone Society gifts will be added to the AlumniCorps endowment.

In addition to being able to take great pride in ensuring the sustainability of AlumniCorps, Keystone Society members enjoy:

  1. Special recognition at an annual event to celebrate Keystone Society members. At the event, new members are presented with an elegant lapel pin, in honor of their lasting contribution to Princeton AlumniCorps.

  2. Free admission to all ticketed AlumniCorps events.

  3. Recognition in organizational communications, including on our website, in our annual report, and through features in our newsletter.

Joining the Keystone Society

There are a number of ways Keystone members can support AlumniCorps, both in the near term or through a planned gift:

  1. A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from a retirement account is a way Keystone members can support AlumniCorps as soon as age 70-1/2. While the age for Required Minimum Distributions from retirement accounts has been pushed back to age 72, AlumniCorps supporters can still make Qualifying Charitable Contributions at age 70-1/2 in amounts up to $100,000 per year.

  2. More interested in a planned gift? Consider these major ways our members give:

    Wills & Trusts: The easiest way to make a planned gift is to name Princeton AlumniCorps as the beneficiary for a specific amount or percentage of your estate. This may be done by adding a codicil to an existing will. Specific instructions can be provided by your lawyer, estate planner, or tax advisor.

    Retirement Plans & Life Insurance: Princeton AlumniCorps may be named as a beneficiary of an existing insurance policy, IRA, or another qualified retirement plan.

    Other Ways to Give: These include charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and retired life estate.

    Donors should be advised by a competent independent estate planner or financial advisor. Princeton AlumniCorps is not a source of legal, tax, or financial advice to the donor.

  3. To join the Keystone Society, simply indicate your interest by emailing our Director of Advancement, Ann Marie Elmayan. We would love to discuss your options with you. Review our Keystone Society brochure here.

  4. Once you determine your commitment, complete this simple Keystone Society Membership form. The form is a fillable PDF: you can complete it on your computer, save it, and email our Director of Advancement, Ann Marie Elmayan. You may also print and mail the form to:

    Director of Advancement
    Princeton AlumniCorps
    12 Stockton Street
    Princeton NJ 08540

    Membership Form

Keystone Members, updated as of January 2021

* we remember

  1. Thomas D. Allison, Jr. ’66

  2. Jayne Barnard s’55
    & John C. Tucker ’55*

  3. Harry Berkowitz ’55*

  4. Kirsten J. Hund Blair ’84
    & William M. Blair *84

  5. Thomas D. Boyatt ’55

  6. Stephen M. Boyd ’55

  7. Charles Bray ’55*

  8. Harold Colton-Max ’91

  9. Rebecca Deaton ’91

  10. Milton J. Deitch ’55*
    & Sara H. Deitch s’55

  11. Elizabeth A. Duffy ’88
    & John A. Gutman ’83

  12. George C. S. Hackl ’55
    & Ann W. Hackl

  13. James A. Gregoire ’69
    & Jane K. Gregoire s’69*

  14. Peter P. Hawryluk ’55
    & Ann M. Hawryluk

  15. John D. Hamilton Jr. ’55

  16. Richard L. Herbruck ’55*

  17. Judith Hole Suratt s’55*

  18. Peter Jefferys ’55

  19. Thomas S. Jordan ’55

  20. Lisa Swedenborg Getson ’93
    & Jeremy M. Getson ’94

  1. Kef Kasdin ’85
    & Jeremy Kasdin ’85s

  2. Sharon Keld ’80

  3. Marty Krasney ’67

  4. William R. Leahy Jr. ’66
    & Christine M. Leahy

  5. Myron S. Lee ’55

  6. Peter T. Milano ’55*
    & Christine M. Milano

  7. Oral O. Miller ’55

  8. Kathryn A. Miller ’77,

  9. Lewis Miller ’49, p’77

  10. Mary P. Murley ’76,
    p’07,p’10 &
    Robert Murley ’72,
    p’07, p’10

  11. Michael D. Robbins ’55*

  12. A. Chester Safian ’55*

  13. William C. Shafer ’55*

  14. Leesy Taggart ’78

  15. Scott F. Taylor ’75
    & Courtney F. Taylor

  16. Richard O. Walker III ’73
    & Deborah Walker

  17. Nelson H. Wild ’55

  18. Alan M. Willemsen ’55
    & Clarissa Willemsen

  19. Rogers Woolston ’55